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Wolfpack Motorsports

Wolfpack Motorsports is NC State’s Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) team. The team has seventeen returning members that are responsible for designing and manufacturing each of the five vehicle-subsystems; chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, powertrain, and electronics. Each subsystem requires its members to implement organizational, managerial, and most importantly engineering skills. Throughout the development of each subsystem, members design for manufacturability, packaging, cost, reliability, and effectiveness.


In 2018, the team will be traveling to competitions in Michigan and Nebraska. At these competitions, teams are judged on their ability to design a reliable and functional vehicle at a reasonable cost. Teams must deliver reports on their design process and cost of the car as if they are selling their car to a consumer. Additionally, teams compete against one another in driving events to prove their car’s performance and reliability.  



For the 2018 car Wolfpack Motorsports is designing three different circuit boards. The first is for the steering wheel. It will communicate with the vehicles CAN-Bus network and display pertinent information to the driver via an LCD screen. It will also monitor driver inputs and communicate them to the rest of the systems. The second board will be a shift light module. This will be controlled by the steering wheel board but will be mounted separately to place the lights more in the driver's field of view. The final board is part of the power control module (PCM) this board will control the electronic shifting as well as the active aerodynamics. The three of these put together will increase the reliability of the electrical system and provide the team greater control over the vehicle than off the shelf components.


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Nov 16,2017
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