Water Pump On/Off Automtion

I'm working to make an automatic on/off system of the water pump for a relative who's been having a ton of issues with this as they have to manually turn the motor on/off. They're aged hence the further motivation.

I'll be utilizing the NC555 IC to be the brains of this operation. The concept is very simple and requires a few wires in the upper-level tank and underground tank that are used for detecting the water level.

The circuit basically turns on the water pump (using a relay) when the underground tank's water level is adequate and upper tank has room for water. If the upper-level water tank doesn't have room for more water or if the underground tank doesn't have enough water, the water pump remains off.

I've already made using the traditional method, however since there's a 220V AC input, it's not safe to be used by someone inexperienced.

I'm a student currently taking a gap year and plans to pursue Mechatronics engineering and further automate things like those that are otherwise manually done in my city.

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Nov 15,2021
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