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We are a small team of computer science/electrical engineering students and research assistants in Germany at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (https://www.kit.edu/).
We are currently working on a project called VibrAid which is about creating Wearables using vibration feedback that can be controlled via Bluetooth Low Energy.
Earlier this year, we've created a beanie containing 19 vibration motors and used it to conduct studies that are set to be published at ISWC 2017 in Hawaii (see included picture).

In the next step, we want to create a wider variety of wearables (scarves, wristbands, ...) and give them to students so they can learn about Wearable- and IoT-Technologies, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.
Instead of just showing what you can do with Wearables in the lecture, we'd like to let our students experience it by giving the possibility to explore their capabilities by themselves.
This project is planned to be carried out as part of the lecture "Mobile Computing and Internet of Things" in winter term 2017/2018 here at the KIT.

To this end, we've created a modular design consisting of Vibration- and Communication-Modules (see included picture). Multiple Vibration-Modules can be chained using a 2-wire SPI protocol.
When connected to the BLE-Module, they can be controlled wirelessly. They can also easily be integrated in all kinds of regular clothing articles by sewing through the small holes included at the edges of all modules.

Our goal is to have enough finished Wearables so that 3-5 students could form a group and work together in creating Android/iOS applications for a wide variety os use-cases.
For our previous prototypes, we did all SMD work in our own hardware lab, but that was only possible because of the small required quantities. For this next step, we don't have the required capacity to assemble all hardware by ourselves.

That's the reason we contacted PCB-Way for a possible Sponsorship. 

An we're really grateful for the great PCB's we've already received and looking forward to the sponsored PCB's coming.

We wish to thank PCB-Way for helping students to afford and finish their technical projects. Thanks alot!

Best Regards 

TECO VibrAid- Team

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Sep 20,2017
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