Universal motor driver and control board version 2

Universal motor driver and control board version 2


Hello, I am Istvan. I am a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I am passionate about creating electronic devices. I have been used Arduino since the high school. Now I am working on a universal motor driver board. That will be the second version. I tried to correct the previous design’s problems. I changed to a faster MCU which can handle USB, SD card and Ethernet port. I want that I can send commands to the motor driver from any computer on the local network with an additional Ethernet board attached to my PCB. The USB can help to debug the code I will test on the MCU. The previous version was designed to be easily programable by those who can only use the Arduino IDE. The newer version is only for those who can use the STM32 microcontrollers. My board will be programable with the ST-Link programmer, which enables the software debug for the advanced users. Whit this board you can control two DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor. You can attach two incremental encoders to the board with indexing or you can configure these pins as GPIO if you want. For the advanced control algorithms, you can measure the currents drawn by the DC motors or the stepper motor. You can log the encoders values to an SD card or you can load the desired position of the motors from a previously created file. The board requires a 5V input voltage source and if your motors use other voltage bellow 46V than you must connect that too. With a pin header you can choose between 5V supply and the other voltage you connected to the board. It is important your motors can not draw more than 2A of current to prevent overheating. With these capabilities, this board can be used in the education of control algorithms from the beginners to the advanced students. You can build with the help of this board a plotter or a smaller 2-axis CNC or laser engraver. The other fields of uses are limited just by your imagination.




The 2-layer PCB is 86x90 (in mm) with 1 oz Cu, green solder mask and white silkscreen.


Words to PCBWay

You sponsored the previous version of this motor driver and I was satisfied with the quality of the PCB. Hence the design contains mostly surface mounted components I need it to be precisely manufactured, that’s why I would like to have your sponsorship.

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Sep 05,2018
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