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USBee32-S2 : A USB Breakout Board using ESP32-S2

Board Name: USBee32-S2

Designer Organization: SRA VJTI - Society of Robotics and Automation , VJTI Mumbai

Title: An Open Source USB (Type A and Type C ) Breakout PCB board using ESP32-S2-WROOM Module designed in KiCAD

Purpose of the Project: Since many devices in day to day general life use a lot of different ports for being powered or controlled by any other device. To eliminate this problem of carrying multiple ports, jacks and cables, we came up with the idea of USBee32-S2. It performs support with devices having USB Type A or Type C Male Ports for exchange or control of data. Also since ESP32-S2 being a reprogrammable chip, various desired functionalities can be achieved. Extending this application, this proves to be useful in case of game controllers and similar peripheral devices.

Description of the project:

  1. It uses Espressif's ESP32-S2 Microcontroller Chip.
  2. USB Breakouts for both USB Type A and Type C Ports are provided.
  3. Powering the Board can be achieved using either :USB A, USB C or (5V) Voltage Input Pin - Vin on the board.
  4. Custom GPIO PIN based debuggable LEDs are provided.
  5. Small form factor of 70mm x 27.9mm
  6. Can use it as a power/communicating device for a joystick/ game controller.
  7. Space efficient PCB with integrating majority components in SMD type.

More details :

  1. Image Samples - https://imgur.com/a/x69NazM
  2. Source repository - https://github.com/dhairyashah1/pcb-design-ESP32-S2

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Mar 28,2021
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