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What is UQ Racing?

UQ Racing is a Formula SAE team based within the University of Queensland. The team was established and competed in its first competition at Formula SAE Australasia 2001. There are approximately 30 undergraduate students from across UQ on the team at any time, with a range of backgrounds including engineering, business, commerce, marketing and IT.

Formula SAE is a design competition organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).  The competition requires teams of students to design, develop and fabricate a small, Formula-style race car while adhering to a set of general design requirements and regulations. In total, over 500 teams worldwide compete in Formula SAE. There are over ten annual competitions held in seven countries, allowing teams from different regions of the world to compete against one another.

It is important to note that FSAE is not a motor sports competition. The design requirements and regulations are open enough for different teams to develop and implement different race car design philosophies. This challenges students to think of new and innovative ideas, while ensuring the safety of all competitors.

UQ Racing is able to provide students with practical educational opportunities, helping them to gain real world experience in project management, teamwork, finance and resource management, detailed engineering design and hands-on manufacturing in a

team environment.

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Our Electric Vehicle:

We're current manufacturing our 2018 electric vehicle (EV), nicknamed Super Bee.

Super Bee is rear wheel drive EV powered by a 60kW Axial Flux Three Phase Synchronous motor. This motor is controlled via our three phase inverter which is powered by the vehicles accumulator (battery pack). The accumulator has been designed and manufactured by our team from 756 18650 form factor lithium ion cells. The pack has custom electronics to monitor pack voltage and temperature ensuring we're operating safely at all times. The driveline is controlled via the EV driver control unit, another unit developed by UQ Racing. The EV driver control unit takes the driver pedal inputs which represent the requests for motor torque and braking/regen, then sends the appropriate control signals to the drivetrain in order to operate the car. Furthermore the driver controls provides several safety features, such as monitoring for faults in the pedal system.

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Electrical projects this year involve designing and manufacturing a custom battery management system using the LTC6812 battery stack monitoring IC. A new data aquisition rig for validating our aerodynamics package, based around load cells, anemometers and pitot tubes.  Development of an updated version of the driver control unit with additional functionality to record sensor data. Design and manufacture of new temperature and voltage monitoring boards for the accumulator as well as research and design into the validity of running a custom motor for the car including the construction of a prototype and much more. 

Our Words to PCBWay:
We're an undergraduate team of student who spend their free time trying to become better engineers by involving themselves in this project. We've been using PCBWay for a number of years in order to manufacture our custom PCBs for the car and couldn't be happier with the service they provide.This year we would like to reach out and ask if PCBWay would be interested in coming on board to sponsor our project? Any level of support is appreciated. I've attached our marketing prospectus which will give you some further insight into our project and the team. 

UQ Racing Marketing Prospectus

We're currently looking to manufacture a number of PCBs for our accumulator and would love if PCBWay could help us out in any way, i've attached the bill of materials as well as the gerber and altium files for the project in the link to documentation of this applicaiton and below in a google drive link.

Gerber, BOM and Altium Files

Kind Regards,

Simon on behalf of UQ Racing

Thermister PCB Board.png

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Sep 17,2018
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