UNIUD E-Racing Team


UNIUD E-Racing Team is a student group born at the University of Udine with the objective of designing and building an electric race car that will allow us to participate in the Formula SAE and Formula Student competitions.

Website: https://formulasae.uniud.it/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/uniud-e-racing-team/mycompany/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uniuderacing/


The electronics department is tasked with designing all the control boards in the vehicle.

Albeit it being a student project, our PCBs will still be part of an automotive environment, so they must:

⦁ fit in tight spaces;

⦁ be somewhat shielded from electrical noise;

⦁ be resistant to vibrations and light mechanical shock.

To achieve all these goals we decided to design multilayer_ed PCBs.


We would benefit greatly from a PCBWay sponsorship as it would allow us to get the professional-grade multilayer_ed PCBs we need to build prototypes and eventually compete as a team.

At the moment we are looking for 4 layer PCBs with blind and buried vias, but moving forward we are planning to experiment with more exotic techniques such as flexible PCBs.

As we progress into this journey we realize we will have to build many prototypes, and PCBWay fast production and shipping times would prove to be of great help to us.


1. Telemetry board

The telemetry board has to establish and maintain communication with the off-vehicle server, so it is supplied with a radio module and mounting holes for a custom antenna stand.

A microcontroller module captures data flowing in through the CAN interface to elaborate it and send it to the radio chip.

CAN communications are made possible by a CAN transceiver chip and the peripheral circuit surrounding it, provided with additional safety features such as ESD protection and EMI filtering.

Two power rails (5V and 3.3V) are provided through cascaded buck DC/DC power converters.

Since it is still in the prototyping phase, this board has been covered in test points so that it can be easily programmed and tested.

2. Radio PC adapter

This device acts as an adapter that allows a server to communicate with the on-board car systems through radio. To execute this function the board is fitted with a radio module and all the peripheral circuits that allow it to communicate through USB.

3. BSPD board

The Brake System Plausibility Device is a non-programmable circuit required by the competitions we are going to attend. Its main purpose is to prohibit throttle and brake engagement at the same time, as to avoid mechanical failure.

As of this moment, this board is still in development.

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Oct 08,2022
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