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Trinity Robotics Team PCB


The Trinity School Robotics team's mission is to promote an interest in coding, engineering, and science through competitive events and collaborative work in the computer lab. 

We compete in RoboCup Soccer (http://rcj.robocup.org/soccer.html), a competition in which students work together to design robots that play soccer. In the competition robots play soccer with a ball with a built-in infrared beacon, Our robots use infrared sensors distributed throughout the PCB that allow us to track the location the ball from any location on the playing field.

Our robot currently uses 6 IR sensors to track the ball. A color sensor that we use to make sure the robot is still on the field. A 3 axis IMU for us to be able to orient ourselves on the field. And finally, our robot uses 5 brushless motors, 4 for movement and a 5th for shooting the IR beacon ball at the goal.


Having a Custom PCB from PCBWay will allow us to eliminate many of the reliability issues that we have due to wires breaking and coming loose during operation.

Our board integrates all of the sensors, power distribution, and Arduino mega into one central control board. This board is a New version of a board which we previously ordered from PCBWay. Our previous board had a couple of issues. The power distribution system traces where two narrow cuasing sporadic power loss and the IR sensor breakout boards didn't work. This new board fixes these issues and adds support for not only brushless motors but also adds support for brushed dc motor control, allowing us to use both without adding another Arduino shield on top of this board.

If you sponsor our project we will put your logo on our robot's posters and T-Shirts.

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Nov 03,2017
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