Transportino | The car robot for lazy people!

Transportino, the great robot for lazy people.

I know that out there, some people will love having a robot that can bring you stuff without the need of actually using your legs to move. So just thank me and build your very own Transportino robot!

But wait, what is a Transportino?

Transportino is a car robot that can bring stuff to you just by talking with alexa. Yeah, my main plan is to build an alexa skill that will control this robot so you will just say to come to your room and then go somewhere else around the house.

This robot as you might think, is composed of multiple parts such as the mechanical parts, the electrical parts and the software.

In short terms, it is composed of two boards: the car controller one and the processing board (which is essentially a raspberry pi). The first board is controlled by a raspberry pi which runs ROS2, the robot operating system. The raspberry not only controls the robot, but it also processes data from sensors to elaborate an adequate path that Transportino will follow.

Talking about the sensors as you can see, it has a Lidar module, an MPU-6050 for gyro and acceleration and two motor magnetic encoders.

The car controller board is powered by an RP2040 directly embedded into the pcb.

The pcb is entirely made from me using KiCad

This is my first actual serious robotics projects so any suggestion is appreciated.

If you wanna build one yourself,the project with all of its details can be found on the github link below, so hope you will look at that.

Some Cool Images

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Jun 23,2022
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