Team Kratos Racing - Thunderblade 2.1

Team Kratos Racing is the Formula Student Team from Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune. We design, manufacture, and test an Electric Formula-Student Racecar, and actively participate in SAE and Formula Student events held internationally.

Participation and Laurels:

Since the inception of the team in 2015, it is growing each year as a team and performing better than the preceding year. To date, the team has designed and manufactured 8 cars that gained 40 awards across 9 competitions and have been the most successful team in India. After competing in the C.V category for 3 years, the team shifted to greener mobility and took a big step forward in designing the 1st Electric Vehicle and were regarded as the Overall Champions in the Electric Category of Formula Bharat 2019. In 2020, the Team again set a record of developing India's First Full Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis. In 2021, the Team participated in Formula Bharat 2021 Virtuals and was declared the overall champion of the event, with a special award of Best Battery Pack Design.

Previous Project:

Last year, the Team designed its Third Electric Racecar Prototype - Thunderblade 3.0 and competed in Formula Bharat Electric Virtuals 2021.

The Power train specifications of last year project were:

Maximum Tractive-system voltage: 470.4VDC

Nominal Tractive-system voltage: 414.4VDC

Control-system voltage: 15VDC

Accumulator configuration: 112s2p

Total Accumulator capacity: 28.44MJ

Motor type: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Number of motors: 1, Rear wheel drive

Maximum combined motor power in kW: 68kW

Current Project:

Currently, the team is working on the manufacturing of Thunderblade 2.1. The objectives of Thunderblade 2.1 are to take a step towards integration of microcontroller in the ECU of the Vehicle and acquiring real-time data from the vehicle.


After designing the GLVS (Ground low voltage system), various prototypes of circuits were tested in the college itself.

After multiple iterations of circuits, the prototypes were manufactured:

To PCBWay:

It would be really grateful for us to partner with PCBWay. Since the very beginning, the team has been consistently delivering and learning from the failures to move forward. After competing in our nation for the past 6 years, the team has decided to participate in international competitions with teams across the globe. For this vision, Team Kratos Racing would request PCBWay for their extensive support in PCB manufacturing. We would request PCBWay to consider our request and be a vital pillar in our journey.


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Nov 18,2021
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