Team Defianz Racing

We're a 40 member strong Formula Student team hailing from Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE), New Delhi, India. The team designs and manufactures progressively reliable and advanced formula cars every year from scratch through a multi-faceted R&D approach. We have been participating in national and International Formula Student competitions since 2003, namely Formula Bharat, FS United Kingdom, FS Czech Republic, FS Italy etc. 

Designing the car requires considerate decision making and trading off amongst cost, functionality, utility, manufacturability, weight, and sustainability. The enduring process involving everything from theory to practical application provides exposure to real-world challenges and trains the students to work within a team with a unified direction of effort. 

This is why Formula Student is widely acknowledged by many educational institutions and industrial giants as a valuable experience in the learning curve of any student, proven by the fact that the competition is attended by companies such as Jaguar, Airbus, Land Rover, Mercedes etc.


Till 2019, we participated in the combustion vehicle category under Formula Student. But, to up the stakes further and to truly broaden our horizon, we decided to become India’s first team with a fully working Driverless/Self-Driving Vehicle. This year the team went ahead and competed at FSAE Italy'22 which is one of the most reputed formula student competitions in the world. The project's multidisciplinary nature involved implementing an autonomous stack on an electric vehicle, which placed a lot of burden on us in manufacturing and testing; however, this didn’t stop us from reaching our true main goal.


The following are the accolades that our team has achieved over the course of years: 

FS UK 2016 - Overall (28th Position)

FS Bharat 2018 - Overall (2nd Position)

FS Bharat 2019 - Overall (14th Position)

FS Czech Republic 2019 - Overall (25th Position)

IGVC 2018 - Overall (7th Position)

IGVC 2019 - Overall (5th Position)

FSEV 2020 - Overall (7th Position)

FSEV 2020 - Overall (7th Position)

FS Italy 2022 - Overall (8th Position)

FS Italy 2022 - BPP (2nd Position)

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Dec 22,2022
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