TU Wien Space Team: Mobile 24kN Rocket Engine Test Stand

TU Wien Space Team

The TU Wien Space Team is a student led group with emphasis on aerospace engineering at the TU Wien, Vienna, Austria. Our focus lies on the design of experimental rockets, rocket engines and mini satellites. Our projects are meant for civil use only.

Test Stand

For future development of rocket engines of the size necessary for the suborbital rocket Houbolt, a larger test stand is in development. To have abundant capacities for future projects, the test stand is constructed to handle a thrust of up to 24kN, which makes it the largest of its kind ever to be used in Austria. For maximum flexibility it can not only be operated with the propellant combination Ethanol/Nitrous Oxide which is planned for the Houbolt rocket, but also with any other usual combination like e.g. Ethanol/LOX (liquid Oxygen). For more flexibility regarding the test location, the frame is mounted on a trailer which enables repair and maintenance work to be done at the workshop and reduces the requirement for the test location immensely. More information: https://spaceteam.at/ts03-24kn-franz/?lang=en

I/O Board

Has 12 channels that can be configured as various types of input (Voltage, Current, Resistive Bridge) or output (Low Power, High Power). Communicates via two CAN FD busses with other boards and a server. Used 8x on the test stand for reading out many pressure and temperature sensors and controlling solenoid valves.

Load Cell Board

Has 8 high resolution differential analog input channels for reading out load cells. Communicates via two CAN FD busses with other boards and a server. Used 2x on the test stand for thrust and tank weight measurement.

Servo Control Board

Controls a high torque RC servo and measures position feedback and current consumption. Communicates via two CAN FD busses with other boards and a server. Used 3x on the test stand for ball valve actuation.

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Feb 01,2021
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