TU Graz Racing Team Electric FSAE Racing Car

The Team


The TU Graz Racing Team is a team of

student from various studies. Our goal is to build one of the best Formula

Student Racing cars every year. For the upcoming season, we decided to leave

our successful era with combustion cars behind us and to accept the challenge

to build an electric race car. With our beloved TANKIA we want to get back on

top at the FSAE competitions and therefore we are giving our best in designing

and manufacturing that we can.




In out team there are two modules

handeling all the electronics. The Low Voltage Electronics module handles all

the electronics below 60V and is also responsible for the wiring harness. The

High Voltage Electronics module is responsible for the high voltage components

such as the accumulator and the motor control. Our PCBs are designed to read

out all the sensors we have on the car and handle the control of all the

actuators and the drivetrain. For a race car it is therefore very important to

have reliably working PCBs because of the strong dependency of data among them. All of our PCBs are equipped with microcontrollers. The software for the PCBs is also written by ourselves.


Display PCB


The display PCB is responsible for the

communication between the driver in the car. It sends the commands the driver

is providing through buttons on the steering wheel to other control units in

order to change driving dynamics. The PCB also drives a display which shows the

most relevant data to the driver.


Low Voltage Power Distribution


The LVPD is responsible for providing

all electrical components with power. It distributes the Power coming from the

Low Voltage Accumulator to all other PCBs and electrical components in the car.


Body Control Module


The BCM reads out all the sensors from

the front of the car and provides the according values to the CAN bus, such

that also other control units can access the data. The BCM also controls some

actuators such as the DRS and the Electronic Brake Balance Control.


CAN Node


The Can node is a PCB that evaluates

sensor data from the back of the car and provides it to the CAN Bus. It also

controls cooling elements such as pumps and fans.


Brake System Plausability Device


This is one of our most important safety

features. It detects malfunctioning of the braking system and stops the car

immedeatly in case of failure


Motor Control Unit


The motor control unit controls the

motors of our care. It evaluates data from various sensors and computes a

complex control loop in order to obtain maximum performance.

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Jan 16,2021
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