TEENY : Open Network Analyzer

A network analyzer is a very expensive piece of test equipment that is locked down in a college or research laboratories and usually out of reach from Engineers, RF enthusiasts, and makers. This project aims to bridge the gap enabling Makers, RF enthusiasts design, build and test their 

RF design which was not possible before 

The main objectives of the design 

 - Low Cost

 - Scalable design 

 - Pocket Sized

 - Open and hackable

This project is under prototype stage we designed revision one of TEENY, Which uses STM32F103 as the main microcontroller and  AD9851  which is a DDS signal generator for generating the test signals. After signals passing through Filter, Amplifier and  DUT(Device under test) output are measured using a power detector.  In the next stage, we wish to replace DDS with a PLL which will be a 2 port network analyzer and goes from 0 to 1.5GHz. We are hard at work designing the second revision with your love and support, we could make this project possible!   

Technical details 

We choose STM32F103 mainly because it support full speed USB communication and the in-build ADC is better compared to ADC found in microcontrollers like avr and pic series another fact that narrowed down to STM32F103 is because popular ARM development board "BluePill" use this same microcontroller due to this  it is easily available in most electronics stores. When we talk about DDS Analog device is first manufacture that came to my mind they have a extensive line up of DDS going through their website there was not  much difficulty in choosing AD9851  it goes from 0 to 180MHz but presence of harmonics limit usable range is between 0 to 70 MHz . We had to design a filter in order to knockoff higher harmonics . AD provide an online simulator to simulate their DDS this came handy in designing DDS part of the circuit ! Many simulations are done using LT spice especially designing the 7 th order butterworth filter  and amplifier. The signal from DUT is connected to power detector and output from detector connected to ADC . A custom software interface  for TEENY is written in python. 

### Words to PCBWay

Links to my project: https://hackaday.io/project/88143-teeny-open-network-analyzer

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Apr 02,2018
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