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Starting light for RC car

We are a team of students with an interest in robotics. Every year we organize a very popular competition named RBA. More than 150 students with over 100 robots meet every year to compare their skills. We are trying to improve our competition every year. This year we have created start light with video camera. Start light makes racing more attractive for audience and also creates authentic experience for teams. You can find out more details about competition on our website www.robotickybattle.sk

We have designed circular led light for start light with 100mm diameter. Every light is controlled with Arduino Uno. These lights run on 12V. We would like to mount 24 of them on our beam(picture 1 in the background) with 3D printed casing so we would create proper racing start light. We would be really thankful if you can support us and help us with manufacturing PCBs for start light (10x10cm). In return for that, We would display your logo at competition. Also, we would add your logo to our website.

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Jul 13,2019
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