Staircase lighting system

Hii everyone.Myself Kamal ,recently i decided to arrange lighting system to my building staircase as few days ago my friend has fallen from the stairs as at night time the staircase is really so dark.So i started making it.

In this circuit the first block is monostable multivibrator as it is used for triggering and next block is astable multivibrator which is used for supplying clock to the circuit .The next block i used is 5 bit counter made using JK flipflops and outputs of counter is given to 5 bit decoder and next main block is D flipflops which is very important is storing previous bit.And finally the outputs of D flipflops are given to LED driver circuit as i am using 1 watt LED.

Working: When trigger is pressed,monostable output goes high and clock starts now and so counter starts counting and all the LED's glow one by one sequentially and after about 1 minute the monostable output goes low and so the reset of D flipflops are activated and so all LED's turon off after one minute automatically.

For making this circuit i used 555 ic , JK flipflops,D flipflops and some resistors and capacitors and voltage regulators.And i implemented this circuit on a 4 layer PCB.

I simulated the circuit in proteus software and i found that it is working same as i thought and i used proteus for 1st time and i found it very helpful and it is really good.

The above shown is part of a circuit the outputs of all and gates are given to d flip flops and LED's are connected to output of D flipflops.(Not gates are used because the outputs of decoder are active low).

I heard a lot of pcb way on social media and so i thought of sponsoring here.Thank you.

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Nov 11,2020
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