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Spartan3 VHDL Connect4 implementation

Spartan3 implementation of the popular game Connect 4 written in VHDL

In this project, it is aimed to develop a Connect4 game simulator processed in the Spartan3 development board. We are done with the coding and we have implemented the first version of the project with some minor bugs that have already been fixed. We are glad to share with you our approach.

In this project we developed the whole code, beginning with the VGA driver implementation in order to connect our project to an LCD display. After we were done with that, we developed the complete circuit description by using combinational logic. Lots of registers and flip-flops were simulated in this project.

You may refer to the complete documentation in the following Github repository. 


The following video shows a demo of our project before it was finished. We will soon upload a better demo.


List of materials: 

1 Spartan 3 development board

1 controller PCB

6 push buttons

6 220 ohm resistors

2 LEDs

2 4.7k resistors

1 buzzer

1 4.7k resistor

1 set of jumper wires

1 LCD display with VGA port 

1 VGA cable

1 Electric outlet

Thank you PCBWay for sponsoring our project, we love your professional boards and we always use them looking forward to improving our electronics knowledge.

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Jan 29,2019
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