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This is my "solenoid based FLUID Dispenser (alcohol sanitizer dispenser)" which is actually the second iteration of this overkill sanitize

I have followed two approaches in order to create this,

first was, I made an inner tank to hold the fluid and then cover it up with 130mm Cylinder PVC Pipe.

this method does work, its ideal for holding like a cup full of sanitizer.

my requirement was to hold at least 1 liters of sanitizer so I used this container,

(its alternative is hard to find so I made a 3D design of the whole structure, you can just print it, roughly take around 20 hours I think)

I added the solenoid valve to the container in a crude manner

(just use silicone adhesive and hot-glue gun to stop leakage and 60% of work was done)

Now just fill the tank and apply 24V to the solenoid, you have now an electric fluid dispenser which doesn't have a decent looking body but its functional and can be used into many different projects.

i used Ultrasonic sensor to sense the user but IR proximity sensor can also be used here.

this project is "work in progress" as its just a sanitizer dropper, i want to add pump in this setup in order to spray the sanitizer liquid.

all the other stuff, code, 3D files can be found on hackster page of this project.

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Jun 02,2020
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