Smart wall clock

Hello PCB-Team

My name is Stefan Arnold an I'm the Stutend of Smartronic.

Me and my classmates goes to shool in Switzerland to GIBS.

We make a little projekt for our final exame.

Wen like technic and we make a lot of in the leisure.

We have in the team 2 Electronic engineer, a designing engineer and a watchmaker.

We are all students and we make it without help from others.

Our projekt is a smart wall clock.

We can't show you now a picture of the reale clock, because our project is the pcb as a part of the design. But we have a 3D model to look you how it looks like.

To show the information we use LED-matrix with MAX7219 driver. To communicat to the smartphone we use a bluetooth 4 modul with serial communication.

The "brain" is an Atmel uC.

We can show the time, temperature (with an intern module), the humidity(also with the intern module) and push notification.

All of them can controll with the android App, that we make also.


We like that PCB-Way sponsered projects of student and non-profit projects.

We can't provide our project without the sponsorship of pcb-way.

Ps. Is it possible to add the PCB's to an order of my company?(Smartronic GmbH)



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Dec 05,2017
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