Who We Are:

We are a dedicated group of Uppsala University students passionate about innovation and sustainable technology. We all study electrical engineering and are all passionate about learning about building PCBS, 3D printing and learning how to ensure we can work together to build a great project together. Some of us like to program, others like to CAD and others like to solder and work on pcbs.

Project Overview: Smart Grow Systems

Our project is centered around developing an automated plant care system aimed at optimizing growth conditions through integrated functionalities such as automated watering, LED lighting simulating natural sunlight, and precise temperature control. The entire project is only to last a few weeks and will be completed and presented by by Dec 19th. We will be using two PCBS, to ensure the LEDS are functional and able to light at the very top. Then we will be using a water pump, via a moisture sensor to water the plants automatically. Lastly, we will use a temp sensor to adjust fan speeds for cooling the LEDS. Lastly, we will be designing a cad design to 3d print the entire design that was drawn above.


Design and implement a specialized LED circuit tailored for optimal plant growth.

Integrate various Arduino-controlled components, including a fan, moisture sensor, and water pump, to ensure efficient system operation.

Encase the entire system within a customized 3D-printed enclosure for robustness and aesthetics.


Weeks 1-2: Finalize detailed specifications for all system components.

Week 3: Develop prototype LED circuit, Arduino-controlled fan, and finalize 3D enclosure design.

Week 4: Integrate moisture sensor and conduct comprehensive testing of the water pump system.

Weeks 5-6: Assemble, troubleshoot, and rigorously test the complete system.

Week 7: Deliver a final presentation and comprehensive demonstration showcasing system functionality and its benefits.


Total Budget: 1999 SEK (inclusive of component costs and PCB orders).

Key Components:

LEDs, Arduino Nano, Moisture Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Water Pump, 3D printing materials, and various ancillary items.


Automated watering facilitated by the moisture sensor.

Precise control of the water supply system based on real-time moisture sensor readings.

LED system designed to replicate optimal sunlight conditions for plant growth.

Temperature-based cooling system ensuring optimal LED performance.

Additional Features:

Potential integration of Bluetooth interface for smartphone control.

Manual watering option and growth monitoring via an integrated camera.

Testing and Optimization:

Thorough testing of individual components and the overall system.

Continuous optimization to ensure the most effective and efficient plant care.

Final Presentation:

A comprehensive demonstration highlighting the system's functionalities and the benefits it offers for sustainable plant care.

This project plan outlines a clear roadmap, budget allocation, and essential functionalities necessary for the successful development of Smart Grow Systems. Modifications to this plan may arise based on testing outcomes and ongoing development progress.

Appeal to PCBWay:

We're embarking on an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing plant care with our Smart Grow Systems. Central to our vision are two essential PCBs integral to the system's operation and to have sponsorship on the following items: W621059AS1F8 and W621059AS1F4.

Your sponsorship and support in fabricating these PCBs would be immensely valuable, enabling us to realize our project's full potential. Your collaboration will not only contribute to this project's success but also to the advancement of sustainable and automated plant care systems.

We deeply appreciate any assistance you can offer towards the fabrication and assembly of these crucial PCBs. Your partnership will play a pivotal role in bringing our project to fruition, and we're excited about the prospect of working together to make Smart Grow Systems a reality.

Thank you for considering our request for sponsorship and support in fulfilling our PCB fabrication needs. Your assistance will be fundamental in shaping the future landscape of Smart Grow Systems.

Warm regards,

SmartGrowSystems Team from Uppsala University

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Nov 16,2023
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