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SRM Team Humanoid


Srm Team Humanoid is a team of few undergrad students striving towards achieving their goal to create fully functioning HUMANOID robots and make them legible to aid in our day to day life. We work in both manually controlled and automated robots. We are trying to enhance our skills for the sustained future as well as share our knowledge by conducting workshops and events. VISION   

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

3 Fully functioning Humanoid Robots with Python and C++ programmed.

Camera and Sensors to Sense the outside world.

Smart servos acting as actuators to react to their environment

Microcontrollers and processors(Raspberry Pi, Arduino) to contain the codes and run the bot.

LED screens and GUI softwares to control the functioning of the bot.

Wireless modules for communication.

Hardware fabrication tools like Dremmel Drills Sheet Metals

Soldering Stations, PCBs, Reflow Oven etc for PCB fabrication.


### Words to PCBWay

For the completion of our project we often require the fabrication of PCB , microcontrollers and other electronic board and we think PCBWay can be of a great help by aiding us in fullfilling our fabrication needs.

As a gratitude we will give our best to advertise PCBWay where ever we can for example displayin PCBWay logo in our banners,posters and displaying and advertising PCBWay at the events we conduct.And we will also advertise you at our social media page as follows:



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Jan 08,2018
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