SMARTUZ Smart Phone Docking Station

Hello and welcome to my project. My name is usmaan and I am a Electrical and electronic engineering enthusiast.

This project is about designing a customized universal mobile phone docking station with enhanced USB capability. The final assembly is to be a docking station that has its electronics enclosed in a PCB style casing. Where the solder joints that are used to hold the casing together, also carry signals at the same time.

The included image demonstrates further.

Purpose :

One of the main purpose's of it is to provide a easy way to interface your phone with you desktop computer. Hence, the name docking station. But giving it that name also gives it the ability to have many other features. That can be deemed to be the essentials for any engineering tech enthusiast. For example, if you love listening to music , you work with smart devices like cameras, raspberry pi's, Arduino's. Inevitably you would need some extra USB ports, a micro SD card reader , some high power ports for power hungry devices and yes some Bluetooth speakers with an LED reactive attitude to listen to and watch the effects of some awesome tunes.

If you enjoy having a lot of tech around you , that's personalised, new and unique. This is something to be excited about.

Features :

- Entirely constructed PCB Inspired casing. With most signals being transferred via solder joints ,mounting holes and board to board connectors.

- USB 3.0 hub interfaces with 6 ports available to user.

- USB 2.0 and Micro SD card interface.

- Direct interchangeable interface for any USB based smartphone to be docked into station with fast charging.

- Based on the charging state of the phone, LEDs react as programmed.

- Wireless audio transmission for smart phone to transfer music over Bluetooth with reactive LED lights.

- Efficient power supply system to safely manage power.

This project dives into several key engineering design and testing areas. Including but not limited to high speed signals, PCB enclosure construction , power management considerations and much more.

This is the entirety of what my project represents.

Hopefully it will spark some cool ideas in you. To design your own custom projects.

Thankyou for your time.

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Oct 07,2020
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