SFU Satellite Design Team Onboard Computer Demo Board v1


I'm Richard Arthurs, Principal Engineering Lead at the SFU Satellite Design Team. I'm also the computing hardware lead, so I am publishing our onboard computer demonstration board. 

The SFU Satellite Design Team was created to inspire the next generation of space explorers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Through our technical competition activities and our numerous public outreach events, we hope to build the technical skills of our members, and inspire the public to pursue STEM careers and education. 

Our mission is to act as a calibration source for the CHIME (Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment), which is a radiotelescope locted out of Penticton, BC. Our CubeSat will send down a well characterized radio signal, which CHIME will use to help calibrate their instruments. We are extremely excited to be working on such an interesting project, and we are extremely excited to be helping the CHIME experimenters unravel the mysteries of the universe. 


The CHIME telescope. 

More about our club can be found at sfusat.com

We are proud to be supported by our generous sponsors: TELUS, Mobify, APEGBC, 

This is a board to prototype all of the peripherals for the club's onboard computer. Peripherals include a latchup detection and mitigation circuit (and associated testing points), RTC, triple redundant flash memory interface, external watchdog, and external 1.2v regulator. 


Watchdog: TPS3110E12DBVR

1.2v regulator: AP7331-12WG-7

SEL Monitor: INA310

Flash: S25FL164K0XMFV010

RTC: AB-RTCMC-32.768kHz-EOA9-S3

The board will interface with the TI LAUNCHXL-TMS75004 board, which is being used to evaluate the TMS570LS0432 microcontroller. 


### Words to PCBWay

Thank you for the support! We really appreciate it, and the computing, power and RF teams are looking forward to building their boards with PCBWay. 

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May 24,2017
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