Room monitoring and security system using RFID based arduino

    This project design a model of room monitoring & security system using RFID technology based Arduino as its control, and Ethernet Shield with Ethernet shield to simplify the communication over TCP/IP networks .In this research is designed Control Access System that will make a note for people who access the room. If user (tag holder) come near the room, tag will send Id that will be shown up at application program thathavebeen made, then if the name ID tag is registered in the data base then the room key will open and the electricity there will be ON, but if the "tag" ID is not recognized in the data base then the room will not open if 3 times the data is not recognized then the alarm will light up, notification data will be sent to  on the server

            All data will be sent via ethernet shield to the server computer and the data will be stored in the database. The data stored in the form of data monitoring room in realtime and display the history of people in and out of each room The device used :

  1. Arduinno UNO

  2. RFID MC522

  3. Ethernet Shield W5100

  4. Buzzer

  5. RGB LED

  6. Adaptor 5V

  7. Modul Relay 5V

  8. Wire of RJ45

  9. Komputer Server 

  10. Multi Port Hub RJ45

  11. Shoftware XMAPP

    screenshot (7).png


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Jan 10,2018
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