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Robotic Arm


This proposed work is an overview of how we can make use of servo motor to

make joints of a robotic arm and control it. Our Robotic arm consists of car

whose movements can be controlled via an android app remotely. A robotic

arm is connected with this car which is capable of grabbing stuffs, pressing

switch buttons, making gestures, etc. This Bot will carry a camera and the real

time video will be streamed on the smartphone. So basically this a luxury bot

which can be controlled by a person sitting in their room to grab some water

from the kitchen, turn light/fan ON or OFF, and many other things.


The main motivation behind this project is to increase ease and standards of

living. Since Industry has benefited drastically from the expanse of robotics,

why not bring Robotics home? Robots never gets tired. They can be

programmed to do specific task again and again. They can save a lot of time

and human efforts.


Robotic arm is one of the major projects in today automation industries. They

handle tasks that are difficult, dangerous or boring to human beings. This field

is offering job opportunities and apply mastery in diverse fields like modern

warfare, nano-technology, surgery, etc.

I'm writing a blog at the same time. You can check that out.(It's incomplete by the way since I'll be modifying the blog along with making the project)Blog site: https://sites.google.com/ves.ac.in/robotic-arm/home?authuser=1

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Aug 12,2019
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