Robot Throwing Arrows Into Pots

Dear Sir,

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While reading some reviews on the internet about PCBWay we came across an article that said that PCBWay is ready to sponsor institutional projects, students, and even middle class students. After knowing this, we want to get sponsorship from PCBWay for our project

We will take part in the ABU Indonesia Robot Contest which will be held on 23 – 26 August 2021. The ABU Indonesia Robot Contest is a contest adopted from the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest International. The winner of the ABU Indonesia Robot Contest have a chance to represent Indonesia to compete in the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2021 Jimo, China. The theme of the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest is Throwing Arrows Into Pots

In this competition, we have a better passion than in previous years. We are very optimistic and believe that we can win, that optimism is also not based on no reason, but the result of our months of preparation. We have also done several test on our robot project, and the result is very satisfying.

In this paragraph we would like to describe a robot project that we are currently working on. We are very excited about our project because we have a great chance to win in the ABU Indonesia Robot Contest. As a team engaged in the robotics division, we are always active in various robotics competitions. Currently our team, which has the name Senggarang Robotik Club (SRC) is participating in the 2021 Abu Indonesia Robot Contest. This year the theme for the Indonesian Abu Robot Contest is Throwing Arrows Into Pots.

We designed two (2) robots to enter the contest later. Arrowkid Robot and Throwing Robot. Arrowkid Robot will work as a robot taking arrows located on the floor and Throwing Robot will work as a robot throwing arrows to get into the pot. Arrowkid Robot is equipped with four (4) DC24V motors, one (1) pneumatic cylinder, PS2 Wireless joystick and one (1) stepper motor. The Throwing Robot is equipped with seven (7) 24V DC motors, two (2) pneumatic cylinders and a PS2 Wireless joystick. We will design two (2) robots but we only design one PCB. This one PCB we will use for our two robots.

Thats it a description dan exposurer about our project. We think, we have describe with enough detail and we hope we can get support from PCBWay. Thanks for your attention.





SRC Team


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Jun 12,2021
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