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I am student on grammar school and I am interested in robotics. I was organising summer programming camps when I realised that current educational instruments are expensive and limited. They support only few types of sensors, few motors and have their own proprietary programming language. I have decidet to change that and started working on my own educational tool called robot Cing. We have presented it on multiple shows and competetions and summer camps. This actions can be seen on pictures below.


Robot Cing is robot created on base of Arduino. It supports multiple sensors, motors(servo,dc motors and stepper motors) and 4 procesors curently. I have created Arduino board manager for easy installation and Arduino libraries for coding without knowlage of electronics. Robot Cing can be programmed using Arduino libraries(easiest), Arduino C(medium) and AVR C (Hard). Libraries simplifies programming because user does not have to know how to get data from sensor because he can just write command ReadSensorName(). Values from sensors are normalised as well. Runnig motor is simple as well because it is just command RunMotor("A/B/AB",1/0). With my friend Veronika we have created guides and manuals for robot which can be found in getting started page of our site( or in github pages of libraries. Manual explaines how to code. On second image is first prototype of robot created on universal PCB, on second is robot created on profesional pcb but it has some problems so we have created 3rd version which can be seen on 4th picture.

12.png### Words to PCBWay

I would be really thankfull if you can support me and help me with manufacturing pcbs for sensors(smaller then 5x10cm) and procesors(smaller then 5x5cm) or new revision of main pcb(10x10cm). In return for that i would put your logo on PCBs and in documentation. Also i would link on my website and github your website where people wanting to create pcb for robot can order from you.53495638_361136321152836_3188708562364792832_n.png


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Mar 10,2019
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