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Robocup Jr Lightweight Soccer Team

We are a Robocup Jr soccer team participating in the lightweight division. In order to neaten the robot, reduce errors and speed up the manufacturing process we utilise PCBs.


Each match is comprises of 2 robots from each team facing of against one another. In the lightweight division, the robots have to detect a ball which emits IR. Our robots detect this light using 12 TSSP 53038.

They are also required to stay within a certain area, marked by white lines. Our robots use 24 photodiodes to accurately detect the position of the line. To ensure reliabilty, we utilise PCBs to keep the wiring neat and accessible.

We use 2 Teensy 3.5s for processing, and an OpenMV Cam M7. This is paired with a hyperbolic mirror for 360 degree vision. This givees the robot complete view of the playing area, allowing it to triangulate its position.

Parabola 0.75.jpg

Main PCB:



Light PCB:



As a team, we are excited about participating in Robocup Jr and are aiming for high results. As such, we are seeking sponsorship applications to allow us to use high quality components. Any help is much appreciated

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Mar 13,2018
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