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We are a class of the fifth year of the high school "G.Cardano" of Monterotondo (Rome) and we have joined the "NonniBot" project of the "La Sapienza" University (https://sites.google.com/dis.uniroma1.it/marrtino)

The project consists in the design and implementation of robots that interact with elderly people (“Nonni” in italian language means Grandfather)

Our proposal is to let grandfather and nephew play with two robots, remote controlled via smartphone, to play football


Last year we made our first two robot soccer players equipped with four motors with omnidirectional wheels and control through an Arduino Mega board and bluetooth module; this year we have redesigned the electronic and mechanical part to make one of the two robots autonomous for a Grandfather-machine challenge 😊

The three PCBs are related to the robot control board and to the two motor driver boards.




Many many thanks

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Mar 23,2018
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