Reaching bio cells in space through a patch antenna

For this project we have designed an in-house, multilayer_ed, U-Slot, circularly polarized patch antenna that will be integrated on the "AcubeSAT" nanosatellite. Our goal was to design a small, compact antenna that will allow data transmission to our ground station with high data rate. The data transmitted will be images of microorganisms that will be taken on the nanosatellite during a biological experiment and will allow us to study the effects of space conditions on them.

In order to achieve the required antenna properties we have concluded on a square patch antenna with truncated corners. So far we have constructed prototypes of our model using photo-resistive copper-coated FR-4 and epoxy glue and we have tested its performance in an anechoic chamber.

However, it is about time we move on to the manufacturing phase of the project and manufacture the Evaluation and Flight models. On the former, formal tests will be conducted and then our Flight model will be integrated on AcubeSAT and set in orbit in order to provide us with useful data that will expand our knowledge on how microorganisms grow in space.

Since space is a demanding environment, the requirements for the final PCBs are strict. Our custom created PCBs cannot fulfill these requirements, air bubbles between the layers and other manufacturing mistakes can cost us degraded functionality. For that reason, professional work is needed for the manufacturing of these models, so that we can eventually launch them to space!

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Jun 28,2022
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