Raspberry Pi FLUSHHH

Add-on board for Raspberry Pi.

PWM Fan controlled by CPU Temperature, WS2812b led and Smart Power/Reboot switch.

FLUSHHH is the all-in-one solution for the Raspberry Pi family.

  • PWM regulated fan based on CPU temperature

Many cases for Raspberry Pi comes with fan in order to help cooling the CPU. But these fans are always on, and usually pretty noisy. FLUSHHH regulate the fan speed based on CPU temperature using little python script.

  • WS2812B RGB LED

Very cool multi coloured light. Useful for adding visual signals or show some fancy styles visualization. Connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 12 (BCM18 PWM0) and controlled by a little python script fully customizable.

  • Smart Power On/Off and Reboot switch for Raspberry Pi

Its main feature is to control the power supply of the Raspberry Pi, providing a switch for Power On / Off and Reboot operations. An ATTINY85 programmed in ARDUINO manages vitality signals with Raspberry Pi.

Just plug your micro-USB power supply into the micro-B connector of FLUSHHH, press the switch to power on the Raspberry Pi. Once started:

  • pressure < 3 secs, reboot
  • pressure > 3 secs, shutdown

In addiction, once installed the python script, FLUSHHH is able to check if a restart or shutdown has been commanded from Raspberry Pi and operates accordingly.


Let’s look at PIFLUSHHH closely:

FLUSHHH connects to the Raspberry Pi GPIO HEADER:

The board is powered via the USB connector. The GPIO pins supply power to the Raspberry Pi and handle the vitality signals.


As soon as the power supply is connected, FLUSHHH waits for the switch to be pressed to power the Raspberry Pi.

Once the switch is activated, the power to the Raspberry Pi begins. During this phase, FLUSHHH waits for the Raspberry Pi vitality signal via GPIO Pins. If after a timeout period there is no vitality, FLUSHHH turns off the power to the Raspberry Pi.

For vitality signals, Raspberry Pi execute the script switch.py at boot.

As soon as the vitality signal is received, the Raspberry Pi is correctly powered and normal operations can be carried out.

In this phase the switch has 2 functions:

  • pressure < 3 secs, reboot
  • pressure > 3 secs, shutdown

In addition, through the vitality signal, FLUSHHH is able to understand if a restart or shutdown has been commanded by the Raspberry Pi and operates accordingly.

In normal operation, Raspberry Pi execute the other 2 scripts:

  • flushhh.py: for automated fan controlled by CPU temperature
  • led.py: for RGB led. The default script simply loop all colors with fade effect.


Open a terminal on your RPi:

cd /home/pi
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thinkedinthesea/FLUSHHH/main/install.sh > install.sh
sudo bash install.sh

These install all the libs and scripts needed.


In the last 5 years or so i have started to design my own board for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on.

The idea is to produce simple board that add feature to Raspberry Pi.

I use Kicad for the PCB, and support from PCBWAY would be an enormous advantage to me.

Having the ability to quiclky prototype boards make the testing and feedback process more efficient and simple, with effectively cost reductions.

FLUSHHH will be presented in the online edition of MAKER FAIRE ROME 2020, link to board info.

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Dec 04,2020
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