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Through the embedded passion towards the automotive world and thanks to the ongoing academic research, Race UP Team commits every year to innovate and challenges itself in the competitive Formula SAE project. With passion towards the automotive industry and thanks to the ongoing academic research, Race UP team is committed to constantly innovate a challenge itself through the competitive project of Formula SAE, an academic automotive contest within an international environment.

This idea has been developed and runs within and thanks to the University of Padua that stimulates and trains students from the whole Italian peninsula. Our team every year competes against the best universities from all over the world, and in its recent history has won numerous and major prizes. Throughout its history and its acknowledgements, the Team has been able to

guarantee an excellent exposure towards its sponsors, managing their requests with rigor and professionality.

Satisfying expectations is one of our prerogatives.

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The team is composed by 70 students carefully selected through a rigorous process and attending the University of Padua; students come from different departments such as Industrial Engineering, Organizational Engineering, Economics, Business Administration and Communication Sciences.

The strength of our team dwells in the approach we got toward the work we do, promoting concepts as team building, lean organization and a continuous brain storming of ideas.
These are embedded into the daily activities of each member of the team and augmented by the never-ending willingness to learn expressed by each of us. We strive to fulfil the responsibilities taken with both the sponsors and the University of Padua, without losing sight of the final objective: win in the final competition.

The team, pushed by its willingness to innovate, has recently introduced a second fully electric prototype, which will be competing alongside the existing combustion vehicle. This makes the Race Up team one of the first Italian team participating in both categories.



Thanks to their price, speed and relyability PCBWay is our pcb manufacturer of choiche to supply us during the crucial phases of prototyping and developing of the control electronics and safety systems of our singleseaters.

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Mar 15,2019
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