RaceUP Hybrid

The Team

Our project, the RaceUP Team, was born in 2006 from a group of students of the University of Padova to race in the Formula Students competitions around Europe. Since then, we grew and became one of the most competitive teams.

Every year we design, produce and test the prototype of a Formula 1 style racecar. We competed as RaceUP Combustion for 17 seasons and now we are ready to debut with a hybrid system. This allows us to both gain performance and face new engineering challenges, keeping up with the ever changing automotive environment.

The Elecronics Department

The team is made of almost 40 students, devided in different departments. The Electronics Department is in charge of every electronic component present in the car. We guarantee the reliability of the systems and the safety of the drivers thanks to dedicated boards and wirings. We also support other deparments collecting data through custom acquisition systems such as a particularly complex one based on strain gauges.

Strain gauges acquisition board

Moreover, we look for performance balancing the distribution of power from the self-built battery pack to the two electric motors placed on the front axle.

Battery pack

All this projects need specific pcbs we designed. Thanks to them, among other things, we would be able to:

  • test cells electrical and thermal behaviour
  • expand acquisition systems
  • convert data between different communication buses
  • precharge components of the hybrid systems
  • log output current from the main battery

Starting a new collaboration with PCBWay would give us the opportunity to realise this projects and push forward the research and innovation we are doing.

Web site: https://www.raceup.it/

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Feb 25,2023
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