RT300-MKV 250W CNC Buck-Boost Converter.

Project overview

EEI TECHNOLOGY 01P-HexaGon Series Project [RT300-MKV-EXTREME]

RT300-MKV-EXTREME automatic range digital control buck-boost adjustable DC power supply module, with constant voltage, constant current, user-defined overvoltage, overcurrent, overpower, short circuit protection function, and with data access function, convenient and quick adjustment out of the default value.

In order to reduce the performance waste of the MCU and improve reliability, the logic and display part uses a real-time operating system (RTOS).

Using a synchronous rectification hybrid power stage scheme, the highest efficiency can reach 95%, and it has extremely low voltage ripple.

The improved loop makes the DC gain close to infinity to achieve load regulation below 0.01%.

The voltage feed-forward control is adopted to greatly improve the dynamic response speed.

Different from other four-switch buck-boost, this product has extremely fast dynamic response speed and can flexibly cope with various types of loads.

The power part uses a solid-liquid hybrid capacitor, which ensures extremely low voltage ripple while compressing the volume.

High-side current sampling, the load can share the ground with the input power without affecting the current measurement.

The input has the function of anti-reverse connection, so there is no need to worry about the module being burned due to reverse connection.

The module has a diode emulation function, which can effectively prevent the current backflow during battery charging and cause the module to burn out.

Using high-precision Σ-Δ ADC, the full range measurement error is less than 0.05.

The third-generation self-calibration algorithm [AUTO CAL V3] has an extremely fast calibration speed, which can complete full-range calibration within half a second and ensure stable output.

Features and functions

Input voltage range: 10-30V

Maximum input current stress: 30A

Maximum fusing current: 25A

Output voltage range: 0-50V

Output current range: 0-10A (dynamically adjust the upper limit of constant current according to the output)

Maximum output power: 250W

Output ripple: 12V IN 24V OUT @ 3A: 48mVpp (including noise)

Adjustment resolution: 0.01

Set-readback error: < 0.005

Measurement error: < 0.03

Full range output voltage drop (0-10A) < 0.005

Statistical error of capacity: < 0.002WH / AH / hour

Data update rate 30Hz

ADC sampling rate: 1KSPS

Sampling interval: 3ms

Display type: 2.8" IPS FULL VIEW

Dynamic performance (12Vin 24Vout 3A/us 0.5A -> 3A 50% 100Hz)

Overshoot/Undershoot: < 25mV

Recovery time: < 1ms

Loop bandwidth/crossover frequency: >= 25KHz

Current loop switching speed: < 200us

Protection action time: < 5ms

Schematic and pcb layout

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Sep 22,2023
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