ROMULUS _ Rexus Bexus

Hello, we are Romulus team, 12 students from Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Aerospace Engineering.

We have been a stratospheric balloon, testing a miniaturized unit based on a Software Defined Receiver (SDR) : GNSS-Radio Occultation (GNSS-RO) is an atmospheric sounding technique that provides significant atmospheric measurements, such as profiles of density, temperature, and pressure . It is based on the acquisition of signals coming from GNSS satellites which are at low elevation angle with respect to the receiver. When a radio frequency signal passes through the limb of the atmosphere, it is delayed, and its path is bent due to refraction, when intercepted by a receiver located behind the Earth's limb, the signal has travelled an extra distance (excess of phase path) compared to straight-line propagation in vacuum. 

Like every aerospace project, we have already gone through the PDR (Preliminary Design Review) and CDR (Critical Design Review) phases at the ESA Estec Centre. 

To tackle the next review, we need to print our first PCB to start testing components!

Here some photos of the team at the reviw:

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Mar 25,2022
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