Quantum Magneto Satellite (QMSat)

Project Overview

As part of the last year of our engineering studies, we undertake a major multidisciplinary

project regrouping students from different backgrounds of expertise (mechanical,

electrical, computer science and more). This is a long term project and it will be continued by many other students until the end of 2022. Our team selected a project related to the aerospace field. We are designing and developing a CubeSat to carry out our quantum payload. This will include the design of the payload, the telecommunication system, the power system, and much more.

Electrical and computer engineering team

Mechanical engineering team

The nanosatellite

The CubeSat have to manage the power, attitude and communication. It will manage the power delivers to the payload that will be deployed once in orbit.

The payload of the nanosatellite is a quantum magnetometer. A prototype version of the magnetometer got designed by a team at the Université de Sherbrooke. Now, a new  prototype is completely redesigned in order to meet the different requirements of the satellite and space standards. The circuit has to respect the size, weight and power requirements. In fact, the nanosatellite size is 10x10x20cm and it must include all the satellite components.

Electronic circuit boards

Main payload board

The magnetometer is embedded with a FPGA in order to synchronize all the components. The main payload board packages most of the components of the magnetometer which include a MPPC photodiode, HV regulator and a microwave generator.

Laser board

The laser has to be on top of the photodiode in order to light it correctly. This way, a second board has to be designed with the laser and its own local power supply.

Power supply board

There will be one PCB for the Power Supply Unit (PSU) of the satellite which will include several temperature and current sensors, a microcontroller, MPPT ICs, DC-DC Converters and switches. This PCB will also control the batteries and solar panels.

Words to PCBWAY

PCB Way is well known in the province of Quebec and we look forward for a partnership with our school project. All the students that will be part of the project until 2022 will know a reliable company for the PCB design.

Contact informations

You can join us and learn more about our project by many ways! We have a Facebook page and twitter account showing all recent events about the QMSat project. We also have a website (www.qmsat.ca) and an email address QMSat@usherbrooke.ca to learn more about QMSat.

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Sep 09,2018
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