Propulse NTNU - Hybrid rocket to 30,000 feet

Propulse NTNU is a voluntary student organization from Norway's largest university. We aim to compete in the world’s largest rocket competition for students – Spaceport America Cup - for the second year. Spaceport America Cup is an annual event hosted in the desert of New Mexico, USA. This is a competition where teams from all over the world exhibits and launch self-made rockets to reach 10 000 or 30 000 ft. Innovation and development of technology is key aspects of the competition. Propulse NTNU is an organization for students seeking challenges of different sorts. Technical, design, manufacturing, logistics, economic, project management.

Video from last years launch:

In total, we are almost 60 students working on this project in different groups. We have structure and recovery, simulations, hybrid engine development, and electronics and control. I am head of electronics, a group og 11 students. We are developing a custom flight controller in a stacked PCB design. One board is a sensor and storage board, one is the processing unit, a PDB and two battery modules. The FC features redundant sensors, GPS, live HD video and telemetry feed, and parachute deployment. There is also a separate flight controller that are going to control our student developed hybrid engine!

The hybrid engine is going to accelerate the rocket to mach 1.3 (450m/s) and to a height of 9km! This is going to make us the first Nordic student rocket team to achieve this

Being a voluntary student team, Propulse NTNU is in need of sponsoring from industry partners and we think PCBWay is a perfect fit. Launching a rocket demands that everything is working flawlessly and withstand the forces of the launch. We have previously ordered PCBs from you and are very happy with the results.

To support Propulse NTNU is to support engaged, hardworking students and giving them a chance to apply their skills in a practical and demanding way. As well as giving them a unique experience in working in teams.

I hope you will consider to support us!

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Jan 08,2020
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