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Prom Racing Formula Student Team

Prom Racing Team was founded in 2008 and since then it worthily represents the most prestigious institution of our country, the National Technical University of Athens, in the worldwide competitions of Formula Student. The objective of our team is to conduct research, design and manufacture a Formula-type racing car, with which it will take part in these competitions. Prom Racing has won a wide variety of distinctions and prizes, which are unprecedented in comparison with the results of all Greek teams throughout the years. Simultaneously, our team is among the top 10 teams in the world, a fact that makes it stand out as the best Greek team. This year, Prom Racing, following the lead of the global tendency and continuing its ever-increasing progress, is aiming to manufacture its very first electric racing car, after attending the Formula Student Combustion competition for 11 years.

In the following link that follows you may find the Cooperation Offer Booklet of our team, which includes the presentation not only of the team and its distinctions, but also of the Formula Student competition, as well as some photos of our team. It also contains the Sponsoships' Profits in the frame of the return-of-investment program that our team has established and offers.


Our team does not receive any funding from the National Technical University of Athens and completely counts on the awareness and the backing of private and/or public companies. Consequently, we decided to get in touch with you so as to ask you to support us in our undertaking, by providing us with the manufacturing and the assembly of some PCBs. More specifically, what we ask for is your sponsorship - contribution to our endeavour, by manufacturing and assembling a certain amount of PCBs that our team needs to produce the electric parts of its electric racing car. The detailed description of the quantity, the dimensions, the layers and the features of each PCB, as well as the percentage of the assembly each PCB needs by your company, may be found in the first attached file. What has to be pointed out is that ALL THE FILES will be set and ready from the electric department of our team, which means that you will not have any responsibility on checking their functionality and / or improving them, but only to manufacture and assemble them, based on those files.

Additionally, it is our pleasure to thoroughly present to you our plan for the 2019-2020 season and to discuss about the possibility of our collaboration and the way that may be followed, so that we mutually benefit from this deal, to the greatest extent possible. The presentation of our team may be found in the link that follows, where you may find even more photos of our car and our team:


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Dec 01,2019
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