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Project SunrIde Avionics

We are team SunrIde; the leading UK student-led University rocket team holding the National Altitude Record of UK amateur rocketry at 36,274ft since our latest launch. :)

SunrIde consists of more than 50 hardworking engineering students ranging from Undergraduates to PhD from Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield. Founded in 2017, SunrIde has been expanding ever since, gaining international recognition, and maintaining four highly-engineered projects to achieve rocketry innovation through our research.

Our primary goals are to push our limits to achieve innovation, and to provide rocketry enthusiasts with the opportunity to learn about and become involved in the space industry. 

Scheduled rocket launches for the Summer of 2021 are: 

- A starter-level mid-power solid (5000ft) for the National rocketry championship

- A high-power solid to reach over 30,000ft for the Spaceport America Cup 

- A 12-dissertation level liquid fuel and high-power to reach over 10,000ft

As part of our endeavours, our Avionics Team has designed a modular board that will allow us to use the same PCB on all our rockets for 2021.

We need to print eight PCB boards of dimensions approx 60mm*60mm. To simplify the purchase, there's no SMD components or need for assembly.

Unfortunately this year our team has a very restricted budget. So we are asking for your support. 


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Mar 29,2021
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