Project Eagle-18

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourself and your project)

Our project consists in a tiny satellite equipped with a devoted land device to extract it from orbit and bring it back to Earth in a safe, straight, and controlled way at the end of its duty.

CubeSats sure have changed our perception concerning about satellites, thanks to them, space research has changed like never before. A CubeSat is a 1-kilogram 10x10x10cm satellite, just like a lunchbox, they also are stackable so you can produce larger ones. Project Eagle-18 is a 3U CubeSat (three times longer). In 2012 the chief cost of building one was at $50.000, we aim onto making them affordable and the most important fact, reusable.

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

For the project, we need 10 printed circuit boards and the following list indicates the required components and modules:

  • Antenna Module - x2, 2 Layer, 89mm x 89mm

  • Attitude Determination Module - x2, 4 Layer, 89mm x 89mm

  • Payload Module 1 - x2, 2 Layer, 89mm x 89mm

  • Payload Module 2 - x2, 2 Layer, 28 mm x 44mm

  • Solar Panel x4 - 2 Layer, 320mm x 82mm

  • Power Control Module - x2, 6 Layer, 89 mm x 89mm

  • On-Board Computer Module - x2, 4 Layer, 89mm x 89mm


### Words to PCBWay

Thank you for considering our project and we would be very happy to be sponsored by PCBWay to help us succeed.

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Feb 05,2018
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