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Project DMX lamp

My idea

I am a student at Thomasmore University of Applied Sciences in Belgium. This year I am developing a project as part of my professional growth. I went looking for a possible project to realize. I am inspired by one of my passions “light and sound”. Development in this world is not standing still. An example of this are the light shows that get bigger and more advanced year after year, just think of the growth of the popular dance festival Tomorrowland.

In the recently offered course I took up the challenge to use the ART-NET protocol in my project. For example, I have converted the ART-NET protocol, using the LIWP / Ethernet connection of the stm-discovery board, into a usable DMX-512 signal. From this philosophy I want to build on to design a DMX lamp that can be connected to the above application.

The underlying idea is that, as already mentioned, contemporary light shows are getting more spectacular and bigger. To meet this, the sector is increasingly working with customized lighting effects. Just think of the butterflies that were already used in the shows of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike GARDEN OF MADNESS.

Operation of the project

Using a protocol that translates the incoming dmx values ​​into an RGBW PWM value for every 12 watt RGBW LED, the LEDs will be controlled. To guarantee a good connection between these LEDs, an internal RS485 bus system is used. For example, each LED PCB will have a transciever chip that wil translate the differential voltage to logic signal and a microcontroller to translate the values ​​into a physical PWM signal that will be converted by the four LED drivers into a current between 0 and 1A that will flow through the LEDs. .

The support of PCBway would greatly help my project. So that my idea and already made designs can be translated into an final product.

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Mar 17,2020
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