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Power Distribution Board - Quadcopter Elikos

Our Team

Elikos is a student club founded in 2013 whose goal is to innovate in the field of aerial robotics. The type of multirotor vehicles Elikos develops, commonly called drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), have witnessed an immense gain in popularity in academia and hobbyist circles. Elikos participated in few competitions in the past like the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) but is now focusing on the Student UAS Competition organized by Unmanned Systems Canada every year. 

Our Project

New members in the electrical team are looking to gain experience with designs of PCB and this project is the starting point to get more experience with this type of design. The project is a simple power distribution board commonly used in drones. The power from the battery is distributed to the motors and also converted into 12V and 5V to add multiple sensors. This project also includes an hotswap functionality to be able to swap one of the battery without shutting down the main computing system. A jack power input for a laptop charger was added to replace batteries when the software team just wants to power the drone and upload their code in the system without the burden of discharging batteries and having to recharge them. Finally, this design will improve current and voltage measurement during flights so the team will be able to better troubleshoot the system when failures occur (quite often during tests of autonomous flight!).

PCBWay Sponsorship Program:

PCBWay already has been used by previous members of our club and we would love to start back PCB design with the help of an experienced and trustworthy PCB manufacturer. Our electrical team is just beginning to have a grasp in this field of engineering and we hope to receive support to improve our skills.

Best regards,

Marc-Antoine D.

Project Manager - Elikos

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Jun 18,2019
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