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Phoenix by EMUS

About the Team

Phoenix is an end bachelor's degree project of the University of Sherbrooke ( UdeS) in Quebec, Canada. The 25 members of the team are all senior year students in computer, electrical and mechanical engineering. The projet consist on designing an electric motorcycle that will compete at the 2020 MotoStudent international competition. The group will compete against team of others University all around the world.

For many year the University of Sherbrooke had a student group called EMUS ( Electrical Motorcycle of the University of Sherbrooke). This group participated to many international competion. In 2018, the group participated for the first time to the MotoStudent competition and finshed third in the category best rookie team. Most of the member of Phoenix were members of EMUS.

The MotorCycle

The new 2020 Motorcycle will be based on the 2018 model. The 2020 model will use the same battery pack. This battery pack contains 144 LiIon cells. The main changes will be in the software. The new software of the motorcyle will adapt the use of the motor drive depending on real time conditions like temperature, voltage left and laps left. Others variable will be influence this algorithm.

Our Circuit Boards

The ensure the best performance the team needs to have a great battery management. This is why, the team designed a BMS (Battery Monitoring System). This board is capable to read the 24 differents voltage and to do passive balancing to protect the battery cells from Overvoltage.

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Feb 21,2020
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