Persistence of Vision fidget spinner


Hi, I am Matej Nogic, an Electrical Engineering student from Croatia. As a part of one class I am building a POV fidget spinner which features 32 LEDs, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 link, accelerometer and capacitive button.



While the device is spinning the LEDs form text and color patterns which can be programmed via BLE link using PC based application. 

LEDs are divided in two groups of 16 LEDs, each group has its own color. The LED could be controlled via PWM so more than just two colors are available.

Rotation speed (and position) is measured using omnipolar hall switch and one magnet. Signal from the hall switch is fed to the Angular Timer peripheral of the PIC 16F1619.

The capacitive button is used to turn the device on and accelerometer is used to change between different modes by shaking the device.



Words to PCBWay

The project is yet to be finished so only 3D photos from Altium are available. As this device has numerous small SMD parts it's going to be very hard to solder without SMD stencil. It would be great if PCBWay could sponsor the stencil also :)

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Apr 05,2018
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