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PermanPermanent magnet synchronous motor or brushless DC motor

Project Introduction:

My project is about Motor Driving basically. Im studying with Electric Machines Department which is member of Electric Engineering Study. Me and my mentor associate professor came to an agreement about my main subject maybe Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors or Brushless Direct Current Motors. So, I need a setup for experiments about driving 3 phased motors. I designed an 3 phase half bridge inverter section and its PCB. In short, I need this PCB produced for my experiments and Im asking help from you.

Project Details

I designed 3 phase inverter PCB. In this design, I used 3x IR2101 high-low side mosfet drivers, and 6x IXTY64N055T mosfets. At the current sense stage, I used MCP6022 rail-to-rail op-amp and 0.05ohm shunt resistors which able to sense +-20Amps peak. And this circuit is able to supplied with 60V DC voltage. So, it can drive 60*20=1200W (~1.5 hp) motors. I will use STM32 ARM MCU at the control stage and I will design it after my experiments with this PCB. I planned to use STM32F103C8T6 32-bit Cortex-M3 mcu to control the motor and I want to implement motor identifications and Field Oriented Control abilities.

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Nov 08,2016
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