Pars Data Acquisition System

About us:

PARS Rocket Team is a student team operating within Istanbul Technical University. Our team consists of students who are willing to work in the field of space. Founded in 2012, the purpose of our team is to design and build rockets powered by hybrid propellant engines. We are preparing the test stand we have developed for this purpose for the tests of our new hybrid propellant rocket engine that we are developing.

About the project:

The measurement and control unit of our test system is the PARS Data Acquisition System(DAQ). PARS DAQ is a data acquisition unit designed to measure and store pressure and temperature data from engine in the test process and open and close the valve in the system.The system powered by two 3S Li-Po(24V) connected in series, so it doesn't need an outlet to work! STM32F407VG was chosen as a microcontroller in our project because it has enough GPIO outputs, high FLASH Memory and Ram capacity. However, the loadcell reading of our system is carried out with a secondary microcontroller (STM32F030F4P6) for load sharing and provide better timing.

The sampling rate of 4 loadcells on PARS DAQ is 100kbps and the ADC resolution is 12 bits. 15 bit ADC resolution data can be obtained from 4 thermocouples. At the same time, 3 encoder readings can be made and the position information of 3 DC motors can be obtained for valve control.PARS-DAQ is remotely controlled and customized to close the valve in the system in case of emergency. With the SD card on Pars DAQ, it can instantly write sensor data on an embedded SD card. In this way, even if a problem occurs in the system, data loss is prevented. Thanks to the Bluetooth module inside, it can send the recorded data to any Bluetooth receiver!Also, PARS-DAQ has a modular system and is always suitable for adding new modules!

We need PCBWAY's support to manufacture these modular circuits. Thank you for helping hardworking students with big dreams in space by supporting us!

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Sep 13,2022
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