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I'm studying a master's in electronic instrumentation. In this covid period, we work on a prototype to solve a new contingency in a course of my university (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Méxco). This prototype for the first time was thinking to joint art and technology and experiment with this area, however, the development of the project will be used to study a relation between the pollution (PM and CO2) on air and the health of the people.

Problem: Deterioration of air quality due to the industrial/social process because of the constant demand for the creation of products and services.

Response to the problem: The human being is visualized as a mobile being that interacts with an environment that can be toxic or beneficial to his health. In such a way that the human being is seen as a mobile "sensor" that can map the health of a city in relation to pollution (PM particles and/or CO2/CO concentration) in the air.

While qualitatively one can feel tired, say that the air is heavy or visualize a cloud of smog in the distance that does not allow to observe the volcanoes near the CDMX, Mexico, the use of a monitor that transforms these expressions to a quantitative form of what we are experiencing in our daily activities in the streets of the city.

Thus, a portable air quality monitor that registers the air quality in the zones that an individual travels through in a daily day is a preliminary idea.

- Technical: Numerical and analytical visualization of the data as a record of air quality in city halls/colonies. This can be a history of how much the city is degrading or how much the city is improving in a given period. Prototype on printed model

3D Model, Top View

3D Model, Bottom View

-Artistic: Due to the constant rain of data to which we are exposed, many times the numbers are just scribbles on screens which simply move with the movement of a finger. In such a way that to visualize the air quality records we think of a structure like a small heart that has movement and color, both determined by the levels that the mobile being detects, i.e., polluted air means a slow movement or a dark color because the oxygenation of the blood is not done properly (TDB/TBC).

  This piece is also thought of as a response to "imagining new displays", that is, we always think of screens as a means of visualization for human beings, however, the use of a mobile object that changes color or accelerates or decreases its movement would allow someone to see the effect that in this case the air has on our body.

3D model printed

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Jul 27,2021
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