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PCB Design Bootcamp(IT Driven Hardware)

Hello,i am the Technical Manager of the the Public Association,,MicroLab" from Moldova.In the next week we are planning to organise a bootcamp for our students from the Technical University of Moldova(UTM).The Bootcamp will consist of 5 workshops:PCB Concepts and Materials,Preparing a Schematic,Laying Out the Board,Manufacturing and Assembling the Board.Our purpose is to teach the students how to create their own wearable,from designing the board to fully assemble it.It will be an unique chance for them to work in team and and to learn about all the little things in creating their own printed circuit board.We even invited a person from Germany to give us a course,because we were very excited about this bootcamp.We need a sponsorship for this event who will help us with producing the PCB.If you agree to help us with fabrication of the PCB we will be very happy and will include and mention you as a sponsor on our Facebook group like our other sponsors(USAID,UKAID,SwedenSverige,Ellation) and will also include your company logo on the clothes that we will give as gifts to our students for participating in our bootcamp.We wiil be glad to maintaind a good relation with you and for our next events that we organise in the future.

We have also organised some other bootcamps for our students like Robot Factory where we made our own robotic hands and ADB(Autonomous Driven Bootcamp).You can find all that we have done on our page on facebook.


My email - cristian.cebotari@isa.utm.md

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Feb 07,2020
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