On developing a RGB split mechanical keyboard!

My name is Francisco Jose Solis, I am a high-performance computer focused developer and a computing enthusiast.

Split mechanical keyboards are a reality nowadays, and much more common than some years ago! Customization of the hardware is an important key factor for gamers, but also for people like me, developers, who take much time of their days close to the keyboard.

For the build of my first mechanical keyboard, I decided to go on with the open-source Sofle RGB v2.1, which is a popular split keyboard hosted in Github. I decided to contact the developers of the project as I wanted to ensure that the correct version of the keyboard PCB was sent to production, and for this task I selected PCBWay.

PCBWay let me select the solder mask colour and also has a semi-automated process for accomplishing some design rule checks over the design to ensure that it is ready for production. This project contains the needed Gerber files under the repository, ready to go on and attach them to the PCBWay order with default parameters (just ensure you select your desired solder mask colour), the ZIP file is linked here.

Currently, the order is accepted and it is ready for being produced, which I am very happy about that. I can't wait to receive the PCB and start building my own custom mechanical keyboard, with which I hope to contribute to the open-source scene by developing some code!

Thank you PCBWay for giving me a way to reach my goals and code happier!

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Jul 01,2021
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