Omniwheel robotic platform

I got idea of creating robot that could complete different tasks in open space or help you in home. I also want to participate in some competitions with this robot. I started designing this robot and I encountered some problems, mainly how to effectivly move robot. I found out, that omni wheels would be ideal for this problem. For object detection in open space, PID regulators, and LIDAR visualization I decided to use Jetson Nano and Waweshare camera. Unfortunetaly, these two components are exactly the cheapest, but I need them so I will need to find a way to buy them. When I figured down these basics problems, I designed whole robot in Solid Edge. It consists of 3 floor. All floor are going to be from aluminium or duralimium sheet. On two floors, there will be PCB for sensors, and for main control board with Arduino Mega Pro as main controller for GPIO. I also designed it to be modular with 3D printer adapter for all kinds of attachment.

PCB for main board

PCB for sensor board

Render of the CAD model

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Dec 11,2022
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